Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Making Okonomiyaki

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After my last attempt to find good okonomiyaki ended in another disappointment, I started thinking how hard could it be to make my own? Having tasted it multiple times I knew it was no more than eggs, water, and some flour for the batter. Toss in some sliced cabbage and seafood, voila! Now I just needed to get the ratio right.

For that I searched the internet and used the simplest recipe. I was mostly right about the contents of the batter, but the recipe called for dashi if on hand. Luckily my friendly local korean super market carried the little flavor pellets to make instant dashi.

I decided to thinly slice the cabbage instead of using a shredder to give it more texture. The results were better than any okonomiyaki I've had, even in New York. The batter was just right, not too thick with ample amounts of cabbage. That's one of my pet peeves when ordering okonomiyaki, when they skimp on the cabbage.

Cleaning the squid was the hardest part since neither of us had a clue on how to do it. This video though gave exact instructions. I still however deferred the task.

We also added in some fake crab meat since we forgot to pick up some shrimp.

After frying up all the toppings I covered the toppings with the cabbage laden batter to form a circle. Cooking each side of the pancake about 5 minutes. Top with bonito flakes, dried seaweed flakes and drizzled with quipie mayo and tonkatsu sauce our first okonomiyaki was more delicious than any we've had in the states. And it was so easy to make! This is the recipe I followed, you can practically use any topping you want but I prefer seafood.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

back in black

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Maybe it was because I was sick and feeling kind of morbid, but another all black ensemble. I cannot emphasize how much I don't like to wear black, but it seems I can't avoid it. Probably because this is now possibly my favorite sweater and the only color I have it in is black. VS really needs to update their color palate from the 80s.
I'm wearing the crochet shorts from lulus that I so desperately tried to find. I rolled up the inner lining for more of a lace effect at the edges.

Monday, March 28, 2011

craving potato chips

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I never noticed the Herr's truck parked outside of our favorite friday night drinking hole. I immediately wanted potato chips upon spotting the truck. But of course I didn't want to get arrested for ransacking the truck. I settled for an eerie picture next to it instead. Potato chip craving not satisfied.
It's still pretty much winter here in DC, I can only dream of spring like temps.
(wearing: vintage fur coat, jcrew flannel, william rast jeans)

Friday, March 25, 2011

brushing my coat

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I wasn't loving this coat when I bought it. The fur was not as fluffy and soft as I imagined it to be. But some heavy brushing w/ a slicker brush (usually used for my dog) rejuvenated the coat completely as well as cover my room with lamb hair.


Bare back clothing and green eyeliner make me happy.

(wearing: arden b dress, vintage coat)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Photolog: Las Vegas

Pin It Now! Usually vegas trips are filled with endless partying, drinking and many sleepless nights, but not this time. This time around I went off strip and discovered amazing japanese food and cheap gambling (I know it's an oxymoron) and that bingo is stressful. And I swear the casinos pump caffeine into your rooms so that you can't sleep. This is the only time I've been to vegas where I actually got a decent nights sleep because I wasn't staying at a casino. I guess they want to keep you gambling.

The sweetest dog ever (after mine) but he sheds like crazy. My black jeans were covered in hair.

It was surprisingly chilly and windy in vegas..good thing I brought my furry coat (which shed almost as much as the dog).

Batwing dress from The white is completely see through and it ran about 1 size to big at least. I had to pin it in the back so the neckline wouldn't droop below my bust.

Tons of cuffs and rings worn with dress.

Pre dinner drink at the bar. Love it for the girlie color and the extra ginger taste.

A colorful menu.

Seared tuna covered in sesame seeds and skewered with raspberry gelatin.

Julian Serrano's favorite dish apparently (his mom used to make it for him when he was hung over). Fries smothered in sausage and topped with 2 sunny side up eggs. Definitely hang over food.

Seafood paella. Every since high school spanish I've always had a soft spot for paella, this certainly didn't disappoint.

Dinner is not complete without some churros for dessert!

Some amazing rice pudding with bits of passion fruit.

Techno colored bathroom tiles inside Julian Serrano's restaurant.

I'm a pretty light packer and this is pretty much what I wore all weekend with my jeffrey campbell boots and chucks.

Being the japanese food fanatic I am I yelped "izakaya" and came up with Ichiza. The also happened to serve ramen which as a double plus. I was surprised by the number of non sushi japanese restaurants in vegas. I've always read that there were quite a few good ones off strip but never had the chance to go until now. The menu was basically all over the walls so I ran around to look at the selection.

The house ramen delish with a hint of curry flavor. Get the half bowl, the full bowl is humongous.

Sea urchin w/ ponzu sauce. I cannot describe the simple elegance of this dish. I actually saw a picture of it on yelp and had to try it. The none english speaking waitress didn't understand me, so I showed her the picture on yelp. Moments like this make the exorbitant amounts of money I give to AT&T every month to have an iphone worth it.

Beef, almost raw soaking in sauce...enough said.

Copious amounts of honey, butter and ice cream top half a loaf of hollowed out toasted asian white bread. Yum, though my friend said she's had better in LA because they have different flavors. Shall attempt to make this one day.

Same pink sweater and leather shorts, though I consider it a different outfit since I'm wearing different socks. Yup I'm just that imaginative.

Monstrous portions at Hash House A Go Go (Man vs. Food). Not bad but a bit over hyped I think.

Bread pudding at the same restaurant.

That about wraps it up for vegas. Next time Bali and Hong Kong!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


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I realized that I have nothing green. Ever since my mini 1" tall panasonic cell phone in mint green, I've always loved the color green, but digging through my clothes, this AA dress was the only green item I had.


h&m conscious collection

Pin It Now! This collection embodies everything I like during summer...light and floaty summer cottons. Loose but still body skimming. God knows I don't need anymore white in my closet, but I want it! (Some have black holes in their closet, I have white holes)

Just a few of my favorite pieces, but really I want pretty much the whole collection.

See the rest of the collection here.

All photos from

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

found and found

Pin It Now! So I had been hankering for a pair of crochet shorts for awhile but couldn't find any to my liking. The forever 21 pair I posted about were cute, but I really wasn't digging the black waist band.

I finally ended up finding them at lulus, bought both the nude and black pair!

They both seem to be sold out, but Akira has the nude pair and it's cheaper. Plus they have awesome customer service, I bought my jeffrey campbell boots from them online and wanted to verify the color. The sales associate was super sweet and even offered me a 10% discount.

Too many cute things on their site like this nude one shoulder dress...totally up my ally. And this silk blouse and these cutout buckle boots.

Friday, March 11, 2011

pom poms

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One of the few moments I'm in all black. The pom poms on these thigh high socks from target are so cute and I'm still surprised they haven't fallen off in the wash yet.

We stopped off for lunch at Nava Thai again, we always seem to end up here since it's one of the few places that don't close between lunch and dinner. I always get some sorta noodle soup and the papaya salad w/ the pickled crab legs.


(wearing: AA shorts, target socks, jessica simpson shoes, bf's waffle tee, sword lucca leather jacket)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

short skirt and long jacket

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My search for the perfect over the knee boots finally produced this pair. Slim, slightly over the knee and suede. I wish it was real suede though, but I suppose the fake stuff will be easier to clean.

Also wearing the heaviest coat I own. It's sheepskin and the lining is all shearling. Kept me quite warm as I wore this mini tank dress that I'm pretty sure is a long shirt.


(wearing: H&M tank, charles david boots, random accessories from hong kong and san diego, kate spade bag

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

orange lips

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I've always been a fan of red lipstick, favoring true and blue based reds over brown and orange shades. But the other day Sephora sent me a mailer featuring a girl with the most perfectly glossed orange lips. The same day I went and picked out Siren by Revlon. I think I could like this...

(wearing: h&m coat & skirt, target shirt, jeffrey campbell boots, kate spade bag)
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