Monday, January 31, 2011

suspender tights

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I know I know...I swear everyone has these tights! I saw them last year randomly but they kept selling a year later I'm wearing them. Hahaha oh well I'm always behind on posts, fashion, etc.

Got a chance to check out the ramen at Satsuma in Bethesda which I had posted about here previously. It was pretty good, but very small I think. Usually I can't finish the noodles, but this time I wished there was more! Might go back this weekend for some Yankiniku and sake...

and btw this express sweater seems to be a good dupe for the topshop cocoon sweater i was hankering after for a while.


(wearing: house of holland suspender tights, vintage fur coat, blank leather shorts, jeffrey campbell boots, express sweater

Friday, January 28, 2011

baby cheetahs

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Aren't these guys adorable!!  I want one.  Apparently the zoo has gotten the mother of one of the cheetah cubs to foster the orphan.

Picture from Smithsonian's National Zoo
See a video of the cubs here.
Read full article here.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

bad santa....hiding substances

Pin It Now! My bad santa gift wrap (posted here) threw everyone off! That's the good news...bad news everyone thought it was creepy. Well all the girls anyway. The guys that happened to be around during the exchange thought it was a brilliant idea and a great way to "hide" some things. I guess I have more of a guy's sense of humor. Why are girls such wusses?

Monday, January 24, 2011

unzip me

Pin It Now! The versatility of this madewell zipper tee is endless. The only problem is people keep trying to unzip me!


(wearing: madewell zipper t shirt, vintage fox fur, jeffrey campbell denmark, aa shorts, target socks, madewell belt

Friday, January 21, 2011

i love mushroom soup

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Just got back from a trip to the mountains in denver, cold but great conditions!  This is a super late post, but wore this outfit on NYE during the day for some lunch.  Againn has the best mushroom soup for a cold wintery day! And the restaurant was decorated with the cutest ginger bread house.

The blouse I'm wearing was a purchase from last year off ebay, I really didn't like it so never actually wore it. The neckline was too tight w/ the elastic making the sleeves super awkward. But a year later, the elastic ceased to be elastic all by itself creating the perfect off the shoulder see through blouse. The only problem is it won't stay up by itself so I had to McGyver it w/ a safety pin to my bra strap.


(wearing: blank leather shorts, vintage fur stole, sword leather jacket, jeffrey campbell lita boots, asos heart suspender tights, chiffon blouse, hong kong cuff
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