Saturday, December 25, 2010

bad santa...a clever gift wrap idea

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Every year we've traditionally done a secret santa gift exchange accompanied by a bad santa gift exchange.  Since this is usually a gag gift under 10 dollars, the first year I just gave some christmas underwear wrapped in news paper with red marker writing about how much this present sucked.  I was extremely sick and didn't even realize I had used a murder story as the wrap.  The whole thing ended up being hilarious.  The second year I did the same thing, except I used wrapping paper over the newspaper to disguise the gift.  And to make it extra scary I cut out letters from magazines instead of writing on the newspaper.  The same person ended up getting the underwear gift as the previous year!  What a coincidence!  So now it's become a running joke and tradition as to who will get my underwear gift this year.  To up the ante in disguising my gift, I thought it would be clever to hide in a book by hollowing it out.  We'll see how that goes when the exchange happens.


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