Friday, December 17, 2010

random sushi

Pin It Now! My best friend randomly called me up friday night and proclaimed she needed a drink. So we ended up trying a japanese restaurant in bethesda neither of us have been to and finishing off a bottle of saki. They had some pretty good izakaya choices for Maryland, but the meatballs on sticks were my favorite. Also saw tons of people sucking down bowls of steaming hot ramen.  Gotta try it next time I go, I'm still on the hunt for the best ramen place in the DC Metro area.  Temari and Ren's are both okay, but they just don't compare to Socal and NYC ramen places.

One guy actually said I was brave for having bare legs while i was taking a photo on the street. It was only about 30 degrees out I think...somehow it seemed warmer when I had left the house.

These are the same sequin shorts as seen here. The stripe top actually exactly matches a striped cardigan my friend has, they look so similar that I thought we had the same shirt on.



(wearing: mackage leather jacket, forever21 sequin shorts, striped target top, h&m garter belt, jeffrey campbell lita boots)

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