Thursday, February 24, 2011

lacey/crochet shorts

Pin It Now! I was browsing forever 21 and came across this sweater...but it's not the sweater I'm interested in. I want the cute little shorts...but it's not on their site. I wonder if they'll stock it soon?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

snowmageddon once again...

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It snowed...again...well this was from a few weeks ago when it snowed. But it did just snow here yesterday. My car glazed in ice took 20 min of heating up before I could open the doors.

Same forever21 sweater I've been wearing all winter as seen here and here. I layered a silk shirt under to provide more bum coverage as the shirt has a tail that reaches my knees. Changed out the leather leggings for sheer tights for a night out. I know, it gets colder I wear less clothes, makes no sense.


(wearing: forever 21 sweater, leather leggings, hunter wellies, silk shirt, forever 21 knit beanie, vintage fur, kate spade bag)

Friday, February 18, 2011

spring like weather

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

currently loving...

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1.  Jen's Pirate Booty Two Piece Poncho Dress
2.  One Teaspoon Jumper
3.  Style Stalker Damped Tank
4.  On Teaspoon Meadows Dress

curly fur

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I've been looking for a coat like this for awhile...I actually ended up buying one that has a huge collar...not sure how I feel about it yet though.

Photo by Mark Iantosca via refinery29.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

your holes are bigger

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Girls night out at Redwood in bethesda was a blast. Food delish accompanied by bouts of laughter. And free mushroom soup for a friend that had to send her over cooked steak back...we like our meat rare. I think the waiter had a little crush on her. We were the last table to leave the restaurant, I always feel guilty about holding up the staff. But our waiter was so kind to us.

My friend complained she was hot in her sweater and asked if I was hot too since we were the only two wearing sweaters. I was not, but our other friend noticed my "holes" (the neck opening) were much larger than hers.


(wearing: vs sweater, necklace from san diego, liquid leggings, jessica simpson boots, vintage fur coat

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

feeling dog tired....

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why do dogs always look so comfortable...even when sleeping on the concrete ground?


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The bf said I looked like I hopped out of the 70s, but not in a bad way. I guess that's an improvement. Lunching at Yekta after it was renovated. Drove by this place so many times, but never stopped in. I used to refer to it as kaboobi, since the sign just says kabobi with "Yekta" barely visible.

I wish I had gotten a chance to try it before the renovation though. I have a soft spot for hole in the wall restaurants. Food was good, must remember to yelp them.

Though after we finished eating I heard the table next to use order chicken kabobs with the bone in. Bone in? Could you do that? I guess you could. Next time I'm going to get bone in and mixed dark white meat and lick the yummy juices off my fingers. That's fine dining for you!


Food: Barg, Chicken and Koobideh Kabobs, Ghormeh Sabzi (herb stew w/ beef), saffron ice cream

(wearing: william rast jeans, jeffrey campbell lita boots, old t shirt, vintage fur jacket, feather necklace from san diego

Monday, February 14, 2011

nearly naked

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I am inexplicably drawn to nude colors. Something about looking naked w/o actually being naked or exposing anything is quite provocative. Someone else was actually trying on this vintage dress and it looked amazing on her. But she didn't buy it because it was too nude, didn't look like she was wearing anything. I on the other hand was in love with the lace detail, the color, and the open back.

As soon as she put it down I snatched it up and tried it on. Fit perfectly...I guess it was meant to be! (I even asked why the sales associate why th other girl didn't like it...response "she's crazy." hahahaha

Happy valentines day!


Friday, February 11, 2011

pony hair shoes....

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I love how the hair is raised into tiny spikes in the back. Must be my propensity toward sharp objects kicking in.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

elbow patches

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something about the elbow patches drew me to this h&m if it had zippers somewhere my life would be complete.

This vintage duffel coat reminds me of the 60s and the fact that it's lined in faux fur makes it even more perfect for the snowmageddon we've been experiencing here.

(wearing: forever 21 faux leather pants, h&m shirt, vintage coat, jeffrey campbell denmark boots, bangkok necklace)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

breckenridge, vail, copper...

Pin It Now! tall mountains, white out conditions, sinking in powder....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

an eton mess

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I first had the aton mess at Againn when they first opened. Sadly their desserts are seasonal and they stopped serving it. So how excited was I when I discovered this blog with a recipe for eton mess cupcakes! The meringue was delish but the actual cake recipe needs some work. It came out a bit dry for my taste, I'm thinking it needs more liquid and a tiny bit of oil to give it the moistness I'm used to.

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