Wednesday, January 30, 2013

fired engine red

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zara pants
vintage fur coat
red leather pants

I've been mildly intrigued with red pants since a few years ago. When I saw these moto coated ones at zara I posted about a few months ago I had to get them right away. The coating makes them almost leather like and the quilting and moto detailing are kind of perfect.

[wearing zara pants, lna tee, aldos shoes, vintage fur jacket]

Friday, January 25, 2013

foodie friday: mulled wine

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mulled wine recipe

In below freezing temps I like my alcoholic beverages to come in steaming mugs and that calls for mulled wine. I've actually never made mulled wine before so off to google I went and semi followed this recipe by Jamie Oliver and this one by Ina Garten.

The first attempt involved a crock pot...which I am convinced burned off all the alcohol, but I've been told by 2 drinkers of the concoction that this was not the case. The second attempt followed more of Jamie's recipe but I used some honey instead of sugar. And lesson learned use twice the amount of spices called for in any recipe! I actually ended up tossing the whole mandarin orange in there to stew then squished it at the end for some tang, turned out pretty well I think.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


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zara coat
faux fur

This jacket from Zara is nothing short of a hairy beast...slicked my hair into a side ponytail to keep it out of the mess that is my jacket.

For all it's show of fur, it's not very warm, guess that's what you get with faux fur.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

over the knee

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over the knee boots

I tried on a great many OTK boots before finally settling on this pair. It was hard finding a pair that didn't remind me of a pirate or a street walker. And unlike my exploding collection of ankle boots, I only own one pair of otk boots, simplifying the whole getting dressed thing when I'm in the mood to wear them.


[wearing asos hat and skirt, muubaa leather jacket,random waffle tee, charles david otk boots]

Friday, January 18, 2013

foodie friday

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duck noodle

I eat noodles, a lot. I never get tired of noodles and could probably consume it every day if possible. When choosing between noodles or rice, it's almost guaranteed that I will be eating noodles. I might even prefer it over the holy french fry.

For this particular broth I took left over duck carcass from our dinner at Peking Gourmet and made a stock, adding in star anise, black pepper, white pepper, ginger, and scallions. The resulting stock was rich with roasted duck flavor and a perfect base for noodle soup. I ended up freezing half of it for cold wintery nights where only a steaming bowl of hot noodle soup will supplicate my hunger.

I boiled some noodles, beef tendon balls, greens, ladled hot duck broth over it, topped off with some scallions and done. Instant noodles! Everything was from the freezer except the chinese broccoli.

Next time I go to Peking Gourment you can be assured I'll be taking home the duck carcass again.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


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For new years eve we ended up going to a masquerade ball and as usual everything was last minute. Including my mask which ended up being just a scrap of lace edging tied behind my head. It was impossible to see so I took it off almost immediately, but the effect was kind of cool and tempered my space aged liquid metal dress which needed a last minute hemming right before leaving to be an appropriately short dress.

Before the red lipstick...

Monday, January 14, 2013

maltese monday

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maltese mochi
Caught mid air!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

wear to work

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zara pumps

It's not often I post a work outfit, but I couldn't not photograph these awesome pumps in Bordeaux from Zara. The perfect point and a cuff that's reminiscent of the Isabel Marant Gava Pumps from a few seasons ago.


This semi tattered long coat from zara served as the perfect overlay to many a work ensembles this past fall. It it falls just longer than my skirts, I can't stand pencil skirts that peak out under long coats.

[wearing zara scarf and jacket, h&m skirt, and jcrew button up]

Friday, January 4, 2013

those red jeans

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zara leather jacket

Starting off the new year in bright red jeans and padded leather jacket while rolling around on a giant furry rug.

[wearing red gap jeans, zara leather jacket,random waffle knit]

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome 2013

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Sometimes it's okay to have black kohl rimmed eyes and red lips pared down with undone just out of the shower hair.

[asos dress, michael kors egan boots, MF matte red lipstick]
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