Wednesday, August 31, 2011

currently stalking...

Pin It Now! This sweater from zara

Over sized - check
Deep V neck - check
White - check
Non bat winged sleeves - check

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

more isabelle marant dicker knock offs

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I can't tell you how obsessed I am with finding the perfect inspired version of the Isabelle Marant dicker boots...almost to the point of buying the real ones. Just one problem, I can't seem to find them in my size even after stalking them on ebay.

I bought and returned the Dolce Vita Jamison because they just didn't look right. They are missing that slight dip in the front at the ankle. The dip really is what made fall in love with the Isabel Marant boots, it really works to elongate your legs, which I definitely need. Plus the overall toe shape was a bit rounder than I wanted. The dicker boots aren't pointy but they are slightly almond shaped and not completely rounded like the DV boots. Slight details make a whole world of difference.

Meanwhile I've spotted another knock off by Report...the Marks available at Nordies,, and Might give those a try!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

the best marketed island...ever

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Bali, Indonesia, an international destination for honeymooners. Famed for their sunsets, seafood and corn. Never did I think I would go there, but I did. Mostly because it was the only place that wasn't in monsoon season in September.

It's hard to describe how I feel about Bali, but I know I'll never return again. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it, perhaps it's the mediocrity that kills Bali for me. The sunsets and seafood were just that, mediocre, but that corn was amazing.

I would describe Bali as a very well marketed tourist trap (and I'm sure it's even more so now after that Julia Robert's movie "Eat, Pray, Love"). We stayed just north of Kuta in a private villa in the Seminyak area. The villa was quite luxurious, though I never got to use the tub since we never had enough hot water for more than a quick 10 minute shower.

The beach on our side of the island was not the picturesque beach seen in most marketing materials. The water not turquoise, but it had it's charms. For those picturesque beaches you have to go to Nusa Dua on the other side of the island (which we did visit and I'll get into later).

We had fun that first day negotiating for souvenirs (can't beat $1 for a sarong and $3 for a panama hat)and lounging on the beach drinking beers.

But then the second day...we made the fatal mistake of visiting Kuta beach. It started with the cab driver making derogatory comments toward women as he saw them walk by, completely unprofessional.

The beach itself looked mostly like ours except full of aggressive rude hawkers. One lady tried to sell us the same sarongs we got the day before for much much more than what we paid. She tricked us telling us "1 dollar," but when we got to her wares she rudely said "1 dollar just to look." Needless to say we left.

We hung out at the beach for a bit...but even getting umbrellas and chairs was kind of a hassle.

The best part of Kuta was probably the shopping. We negotiated snake skin hand bags for $80 each and I bought a pair of snake skin sandals for $12.

Another big disappointment was the food. I think they try to make the food suitable for western tastes, ending in a big mess. We only truly liked one restaurant we went to.

Though Bali did come through with the best pork I've possible ever had at the famed Ibu Oka in Ubud(yes the same one Bourdain went to in No Reservations). Crispy skin and juicy bits of pork over rice, yum!

And we did have a wonderful and really affordable spa experience at a spa in Ubud, complete with massage, flower bath, facial, and manicure. Extremely relaxing.

We also visited Nusa Dua which had the clear turquoise water I love. A lovely relaxing day in which we frolicked in the calm water and ate noodles from a cart. On thing did disturb me was all the trash around the beach. And knowing that all the wrappers were left by tourist really annoyed me (clean up after yourselves!).

Bali did have it's high points, but I think some of the rude people and the sexist comments made to me and my other girlfriends prevent me from returning. I don't know if it's the culture, but I had several different sketchy looking men leer and throw disgusting comments at my girlfriends and I. I know this happens everywhere including the US, but I don't know I didn't expect it in an asian country. Perhaps because I've never had it happend in Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Thailand. It's a been there done that kinda thing with Bali, been there never need to go back.

Thailand on the other hand is marked for several more return visits until I've seen every island!

whole fish
bali-3 (2)
bali-2 (2)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DIY: Make Up Brush Drying Rack

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I read (though I can't remember where) that you should dry your make up brushes with the bristles facing down so that the water doesn't drip backwards into the handle deteriorating the glue and bristles. One way to accomplish this is to use these brush guards and place the brushes bristles down in a cup.

But I have way to many make up brushes that I like to wash all at once to do this. So after a little late night thinking, I came up with this practically free solution to dry many brushes at once.

I took an old shoe box (you can use any box really) and cut holes on the long side slightly smaller than the intended brush (I find triangular holes work better than square). Then I simply poke the end of the brush up through the whole from the inside of the box, and viola! Instant trying wrack for all your make up brushes at once.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

working on levitation

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I started this a few months ago after seeing that japanese blogger levitate so effortlessly. It brought jumping pictures (which I always took) to a whole new level...lets all levitate!

(dress, h&m; flower headband, self made)

Monday, August 15, 2011

no make up?

Pin It Now! Recently read this post from make up guru, Michelle Phan's blog. I'm often curious if women wear make up every day to work. I don't and when I say don't I really mean don't. Unless you count chapstick. Perhaps because I work with all guys? They don't really seem to care or notice one way or the other. They do sometimes notice when I'm exceptionally tall with my 5" heels.

At my previous job, I did wear make up more often because I had to meet with clients. I just though it would be more polite? I wouldn't do the whole foundation, concealer primer bit. Mostly I kept a stash of pressed powder, eyeliner, and mascara in my desk drawer so I could do it really quick before heading out to the client. I can't really imagine wearing foundation on a daily bases, or for even more than a few hours.

Unfortunately though I'm obsessed with buying and trying new make up! It's always fun to play with new products even though I don't use it everyday.

Friday, August 12, 2011

isabel marant boots

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The Isabel Marant Dicker boots, made infamous by Kate Bosworth have been all over the internet. A coveted and versatile pair of boots, the first knock off I saw was from Top Shop last year, dubbed the western boot. This year as fall comes near, many retailers have spawned off their own incarnations of the boot (minus the $650 price tag).

My favorite of the bunch are the Steve Maddens and DVs. I have the Steve Maddens on preorder and I think I might order the DVs as well. I'm still in doubt of the comfort and quality of the Steve Maddens though. Their shoes have always been highly uncomfortable and of extreme poor quality for the price. Hopefully the Pembrook will be an exception.

I also bought on a whim the Sam Edelmans, though I've not worn them yet and might be returning them. I'm kind of in love with the fringe though not sure how much I'll like them next year. Also I bought the rose color and not the taupe, it's a bit more blush than I wanted.

Choices choices! And to think last year I was so upset that the Top Shop western boots had sold out in my size.

(shopper's note: the DV Jamison boot is cheaper at piperlime at only $119. And the boots I actually bought on sale for $25. A real steal, though they are not suede or even real leather)
Isabel Marant Inspired Boots

Steven by Steve Madden suede shoes
$129 -

Sam edelman boots
$160 -

Old navy boots
$35 -

Madewell stacked heel
$188 -

Dv By Dolce Vita Jamison
$129 -

Monday, August 8, 2011

sun screen....

Pin It Now! I recently checked the neglected email attached to this blog and found this article in my inbox about sun screen from

I'm kind of obsessed with sunscreen ever since my first trip to mexico 10 years ago that left me with permanent sun spots on my cheeks. Not to mention the rash I tend to develop with over exposure...yes I'm blessed that I don't burn...coming back from a tropical vacation with a rash is so much better.

At first I was about to go all out and buy the author's recommended products, but after just a bit of googling I found it completely unnecessary to buy the expensive products she recommends.

Sunscreens/blocks containing both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are easily available in the US, the are merely referred to as mineral sunblock. Aveeno makes one that has an SPF of 30 available here and probably at any store. Ocean potion makes one for faces using zinc oxide here. I've used the ocean potion quite a bit and find it to be pretty good, not greasy and doesn't really leave a white residue, it is a bit thick in texture though.

Though most sun screens in the US now use avobenzone aka Parsol 1789, Eusolex 9020, Escalol 517. This is a chemical sunscreen and is suppose to block out both UVA and UVB. To what degree I'm not sure...but what really kind of ticked me off was that that the Olay lotion she recommended (which I actually use) and she purports as containing titanium dioxide or zinc oxide DOES NOT! It uses avobenzone, same as the majority of the sun screens/blocks out there. Please at least get your facts straight! I know I know I sound like a total B**ch...she's not a real reporter, etc, etc. But seriously 2 min of google, all it took me to figure it out.

Yes her main goal was to get us to use sun screen you to prevent cancer and stay looking young and what not. Which I agree with, but aging, that has a lot to do with your genes. My mom has never worn sunscreen, in fact I don't think she knows what sunscreen is. Even when we would go to the beach as children no one wore any sun screen and you know what? She barely has any wrinkles or much sagging on her face.

On the other hand I have a friend...lets call her L. I saw her about 3-4 years ago, and she was a cute vivacious blond. Very nice girl by the way, got nothing against her. But a few months ago when I saw her again, I didn't recognize her. I told the bf she looks kinda like L but I don't think it's her. Then we talked and it was her! For a good hour I couldn't figure out why I didn't recognize her, I chalked it up to the new bangs and slightly blonder hair. The bf on the other hand admitted what I couldn't/wouldn't "she did not age well" he told me in the car.

Yup she had developed wrinkles where there was smooth skin before...but is that attributed to over sun exposure? Maybe maybe not, but you can bet genes have a good amount to do with it!

So go examine your parents closely...when exactly did they start to show signs of aging...that will probably be your fate as well.

Friday, August 5, 2011

its been awhile...

Pin It Now! I've been busy living and doing rather than bloggin! hahaha may pick this back again...i have a huge back log posts outfits and trips (bali, hong kong, mexico, nyc)...

but for now here's what i did with packaging from Lulus:

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