Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DIY: Make Up Brush Drying Rack

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I read (though I can't remember where) that you should dry your make up brushes with the bristles facing down so that the water doesn't drip backwards into the handle deteriorating the glue and bristles. One way to accomplish this is to use these brush guards and place the brushes bristles down in a cup.

But I have way to many make up brushes that I like to wash all at once to do this. So after a little late night thinking, I came up with this practically free solution to dry many brushes at once.

I took an old shoe box (you can use any box really) and cut holes on the long side slightly smaller than the intended brush (I find triangular holes work better than square). Then I simply poke the end of the brush up through the whole from the inside of the box, and viola! Instant trying wrack for all your make up brushes at once.


  1. Genius! Thank you posting this. I was looking for a way to do this.. and you did it!


    ~ M

  2. wow! clever! thanks!I've been taping my brushed to my desk upside down all this time ! lol

  3. The best idea ever....


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