Monday, August 15, 2011

no make up?

Pin It Now! Recently read this post from make up guru, Michelle Phan's blog. I'm often curious if women wear make up every day to work. I don't and when I say don't I really mean don't. Unless you count chapstick. Perhaps because I work with all guys? They don't really seem to care or notice one way or the other. They do sometimes notice when I'm exceptionally tall with my 5" heels.

At my previous job, I did wear make up more often because I had to meet with clients. I just though it would be more polite? I wouldn't do the whole foundation, concealer primer bit. Mostly I kept a stash of pressed powder, eyeliner, and mascara in my desk drawer so I could do it really quick before heading out to the client. I can't really imagine wearing foundation on a daily bases, or for even more than a few hours.

Unfortunately though I'm obsessed with buying and trying new make up! It's always fun to play with new products even though I don't use it everyday.

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