Friday, January 25, 2013

foodie friday: mulled wine

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mulled wine recipe

In below freezing temps I like my alcoholic beverages to come in steaming mugs and that calls for mulled wine. I've actually never made mulled wine before so off to google I went and semi followed this recipe by Jamie Oliver and this one by Ina Garten.

The first attempt involved a crock pot...which I am convinced burned off all the alcohol, but I've been told by 2 drinkers of the concoction that this was not the case. The second attempt followed more of Jamie's recipe but I used some honey instead of sugar. And lesson learned use twice the amount of spices called for in any recipe! I actually ended up tossing the whole mandarin orange in there to stew then squished it at the end for some tang, turned out pretty well I think.

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