Monday, January 31, 2011

suspender tights

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I know I know...I swear everyone has these tights! I saw them last year randomly but they kept selling a year later I'm wearing them. Hahaha oh well I'm always behind on posts, fashion, etc.

Got a chance to check out the ramen at Satsuma in Bethesda which I had posted about here previously. It was pretty good, but very small I think. Usually I can't finish the noodles, but this time I wished there was more! Might go back this weekend for some Yankiniku and sake...

and btw this express sweater seems to be a good dupe for the topshop cocoon sweater i was hankering after for a while.


(wearing: house of holland suspender tights, vintage fur coat, blank leather shorts, jeffrey campbell boots, express sweater

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