Thursday, September 8, 2011

just a little bit irritated...

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(Picture from the NYTimes)

I love to peruse Bloglovin just to see what's new out there and I came across this post from  The recipe itself for home made bubble tea seems fine, but the author claims that this is a "thai" drink "recently popular."  Really this is not the case.  This is not a Thai drink, it did not originate in Thailand.  I actually did not see this drink anywhere I went when I was in Thailand about 2 years ago.  Bubble tea is of Taiwanese decent served in little cafes.  There are even Taiwanese chains that have expanded to the US serving bubble tea, namely Ten Ren. 

I'd say it's been popular for about 10 years now with new incarnations incorporating jelly, pudding and other pretty standard Taiwanese dessert ingredients. 

I know Thailand, Taiwan, they sound very similar, but are two completely different countries.  And do I expect normal people to know this?  Actually yes, I do.  It irritates me that people don't know the difference and it becomes like a sickness spreading to more people not knowing that Thailand and Taiwan are two different countries.

I did leave a comment as I saw someone else did too about the origins of bubble tea, but my comment conveniently never got posted.  I can't say if it's a computer glitch or not.  But at least correct your original entry!!!  And not spread the ignorance!! 

It's small and I shouldn't bash people, but incorrect facts annoy me, especially when they can be easily corrected.

I'm actually not a huge fan of bubble tea, I prefer jelly and my favorite flavor is taro.

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