Tuesday, December 27, 2011

the resort edition

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It seems every designer and their mother has a resort collection for those wealthy socialites lucky enough to afford flying south for the winter at the highest of high seasons. Well here's my resort collection, disaster style! DSC_0254.jpg DSC_0260.jpg DSC_0278.jpg DSC_0291.jpg DSC_0282.jpg DSC_0284.jpg DSC_0302.jpg DSC_0327.jpg DSC_0333.jpg DSC_0484.jpg DSC_0492.jpg DSC_0499.jpg DSC_0510.jpg DSC_0511.jpg DSC_0530.jpg DSC_0551.jpg DSC_0566.jpg DSC_0535.jpg DSC_0591.jpg DSC_0592.jpg DSC_0597.jpg DSC_0627.jpg DSC_0636.jpg DSC_0664.jpg DSC_0692.jpg DSC_0705.jpg DSC_0712.jpg DSC_0716.jpg DSC_0718.jpg DSC_0738.jpg DSC_0756.jpg DSC_0793.jpg

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