Thursday, February 2, 2012

nye sparkle

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I know this is super late...but here it is anyway. What I wore for NYE. The pink dress I wore to dinner, but for the party after I changed (in the car) into a sparkly shift, loving the 70's vibe it gives off. Also finally got a chance to wear this monster fur out! I wore it's sister, a slightly smaller version out to Barcode in Dupont one night and met with some nasty comments from a young DC socialite. She ask "is this a joke?" to which I replied, "no are you a joke?" I really shouldn't be so childish and judge her as she judged me. But ivy league, snobby, wealthy, self righteous spawn of political sludge should really crawl back to the sewer in which they came from with their parents. With their little blazers, pointy heels and tight shirts. I've got nothing against the way she was dressed, standard business attire, ankle slacks, shrunken blazer, and forgettable blouse, but really I don't want to look like you or be like you. And it's sad that you'd think I would.

I'll never get over how conservative in general DC is. Which is probably why the Housewives of DC got cancelled only after one season on Bravo (it was awful anyway).

(wearing express dresses, baker's shoes, vintage fur, f21 headband)

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