Tuesday, March 26, 2013

those furs

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I'll admit I wear a lot of fur and I have a dog. I'm neither for nor against PETA. They can do their thing, doesn't bother me. I love my dog and if anyone tried to skin her to make...a glove?...I'd probably scalp them, still alive.

But what I have a problem with are hypocrites. People who say you look ridiculous as in "where did you get that polar bear" "you look like mafia" etc etc. Then they go and a few years later, when the trend has become main stream, I want that humongous fur coat! It's soooo amazing I must have it. Please kill me now. WTF.

I've never cared what people thought and have worn my furs regardless, but that hypocrisy is what really pisses me off. Seriously don't act like my fur is a costume idea and later declare it the best thing since sliced bread. And don't you know you can't wear fur like me, and don't you know you are YEARS too late, and don't you know you are just a lemming following in my wake...I hope you drown...not really...hehehe..really.

Rant over! Until next time.

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