Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blonde Salad X Steve Madden

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First I want to say I think the Blonde Salad is adorable, I used to read her blog. And second I'm totally pro designer knock offs because how are the rest of us normal human beings supposed to afford cute things?

But there's knocking something off and taking credit for its creation. Everyone remembers the Giuseppe Zanotti scalloped lace-up heels from a few years back, and just about every big brand has knocked it off. I own a pair of the inspiration shoes myself! But then in January Steven Madden came out with the Blonde Salad Capsule collection, that Chiara claims to have been the creative director. And what do you see as one of "her designs"? The replica of the GZ! What's even worse is Steve Madden already came out with this particular model for Shoemint, yes you remember the Romy (and yes I own them). So they took a shoe that was already "created" then rebranded it to the Blonde Salad.

I'm not saying this isn't done all the time. After Rachel Bilson claims to design Shoemint shoes, but do I really buy that? *Skeptical eyebrow raised* I must be naive or something because I expect a little more honesty from bloggers, but then I guess if it's a big enough opportunity *cough* aka money, then they will do just about anything.

Back when fashion blogging first started it was kind of nice reading honest reviews and uncovering designer inspired items, but I guess success, fame, and money have a way of killing it. I'm not saying they shouldn't be paid for their audience and brand power, but a little integrity would be nice. Then again if Steve Madden threw a bunch of money at me to basically rubber stamp a collection and take a few pictures that look like I'm "designing," I'm not sure I'd turn it down either. Just food for thought.

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  1. Yeah, I think about that a lot too ( I was complaining about it yesterday lol) .. sometimes it gets to be a bit ridiculous!


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