Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I love Uggs so don't hate

Pin It Now! Why is there such a hate for Uggs?  I just don't get it.  Especially on Chictopia, it's like reverse bullying of a shoe.  The popular shoe being constantly beaten down by its sometimes even uglier cohorts.  And yes I've seen some ugly shoes on Chictopia voted to the style gallery.  I'll admit when Uggs first came out and every teeny bobber and celebrity out there was wearing them, the trend didn't really take with me.  But I didn't hate Uggs, I was merely indifferent and unwilling to spend so much on a pair of boots.  Then it happened, I randomly stuck my foot in one just to see how it would feel, and I was sold.  The soft shearling caressed my foot in a pillow of softness and warmth.

However I could not bring myself to buy a pair.  So instead my dear boyfriend (knowing how much I wanted them) gave them to me as a surprise christmas present.  That is how I came to own my first pair of Uggs, I wore them for two winters/falls/springs straight, through soggy rain and chilly snow.  They finally gave out and were no longer soft and cushy on the bottom.  Hence came my second pair of Uggs which are not the ones pictured.  The ones pictured aren't even real Uggs!  Let's call them Fuggs = Fake Uggs.

So now I wear my Uggs proudly and buy them myself instead of needing someone to buy them for me.  Shoes, can't they all just get along!


So glad Rouge Spa in Leesburg, VA extended their Spa Week specials.  Rubin gave me the best massage ever, he really worked out all the knots in my neck and shoulders.  The facial had a bit too much scrubbing in it for my taste though.  After wards we went to a little cafe next door for soup and sandwiches.  I wish every day could be like this

(wearing:  Fuggs, leather jacket, sword; shorts, hollister, random t-shirt)

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