Friday, May 4, 2012

happy friday

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Because spring fashion shows preview fall fashion, I've decided to post a fall outfit. Though really it's because I haven't uploaded any spring looks yet and like I said in yesterday's post I'm super backlogged so expect to see random winter looks pop up in the middle of summer, you know just for fun!

DSC_2165.jpg DSC_2166.jpg

And by the way can I tell you how ecstatic I was to find this giant scarf at H&M? I'd been searching for something similar forever and almost spent an outrageous amount of money on Etsy to have one made. A random stop at the H&M in Georgetown and low and behold there it was, the only one left! You can be sure I'll snuggle up in this scarf all next winter too.

[wearing: muubaa leather jacket, target waffle knit, current elliott roller jeans, aldos boots, h&m giant circle scarf, kate spade bag]

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