Friday, December 14, 2012

Floral Friday

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I'm still obsessed with making paper roses. The one above was made using heavy weight watercolor paper following Martha Stewart's tutorial, except I used staples instead of the paste. I just didn't have any "paste" only Elmer's glue which was only useful if I held it for 10 minutes, waiting for it to dry. I do not have that kind of patience.

The frayed edges and ginormous scale are what drew me to this particular rose. The graphic appeal of over sized paper flowers always seem to pull me in. And if a paper flower can have that perfect "undone" look then this rose would be it!


  1. this.looks.awesome. SUCH a cool idea.
    xx theflossylife

  2. Wow, it looks awesome! How long did it take you to make?

    1. hmmm not that hour i think? i wanted to make a floral wall like the chanel show to go behind my's an ongoing project, so far 1 flower complete!!


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