Friday, December 7, 2012

floral fridays

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I've become quite addicted to making coffee filter roses. These are made using a combination of techniques from Craftberry Bush and Martha Stewart.

I wasn't thrilled with how the roses from Craftberry turned out. They didn't look like roses to me but I loved the swirly center.

So I ended up using the Craftberry method only for the center. I didn't follow Martha's directions exactly either. First I used regular coffee filters instead of the cones. I cut a continuous string of petals instead of individual petals so putting it together would be easier.

I'm really happy with the way these turned out! The would be great for a wedding center piece and decorations. They look really good with the sandblasted manzanita branches too!


  1. Love this! Could you publish a tutorial of your method? It's one of the best looking techniques I've seen, I'd love to learn.

    1. You know I was thinking about making one, but I figured there were so many out there already that I didn't need to. I'll put together a tutorial this month so stay tuned! =)

  2. I would love a tutorial - or to buy some of these from you. Any chance we can work that out? i HAVE A WEDDING TO PLAN FOR! :)


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