Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Photo Diary Cayman Islands

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I've been to the Caribbean multiple times but never have I ever seen water as clear as the Cayman Islands. It was simply an amazing experience!

Must do's include:
Renting a car and driving around the island
Rending a bike and biking up 7 mile beach with many beach stops
Eating Conch
Going to the Bio Bay to see millions of glowing creatures in the sea (this tour only happens when the moon is a sliver so check schedules! And remember to bring snorkel gear to jump into the water, the experience is surreal as your body is lit up by tiny micro organisms reacting to your movement)

beautiful disaster
Selfie with matching sunglasses!

scalloped bikini
Just some hair flipping in the balcony.

scalloped bikini
Or not. Wearing H&M scalloped bikini (so similar to the chloe scalloped bikini)

beautiful disaster
Incredible sunsets every day on seven mile beach.

beautiful disaster
Catching the golden hour on the beach

lulus dress
Taking a short walk on the beach in my lulus dress (yes people asked if I was the bride)

lulu maxi dress
Backless on the beach.

lulus Snowy Meadows Dress
All sorts of dress flipping on the way to dinner.

camanan bay
Pretty shutters at Camanan Bay.

The next day was probably one of the best days of the trip. We lounged on a yacht while visiting Star Fish Point, Sting Ray City, and some snorkel spots.

sting ray city
Me being rubbed by a sting ray.

beautiful disaster
Enjoying the super clear water.

beautiful disaster
Just some snorkeling.

beautiful disaster
Just some underwater acrobatics.

beautiful disaster
Just hanging out.

sting ray city
Brushing up against a sting ray or vice versa?

beautiful disaster
My attempt at chasing one down!

That's it for the first half of our trip! More to come!

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