Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween Zombie Costume DIY

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halloween diy zombie costume
walking dead costume
zombie costume

Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays, but I've always struggled with costume ideas. Procrastination is my enemy. Also I've outgrown the "sexy" insert animal, profession, etc. types of costumes. Though over the past few years I've come up with my own category, decidedly alluring, yet grotesque/scary. It's a careful balance to make people simultaneously fear for their lives and want to come home with you. So for the next few weeks I'm going to feature my scary sexy last minute costume ideas for those that love to procrastinate and scrambling on hallows eve for a costume!

My first feature is one of my faves. This was the year Walking Dead premiered and zombies were all the rage! I made this costume the day of! All you need is to paint your face with lighter foundation, use some purple and green eye shadow under the eyes, toss some fake blood everywhere and voila! For the scars Sean used strip of toilet paper and liquid latex to adhere to my skin and smooth over the edges so it looked seamless. I was suprised at how effective it was!

Old Shirt splattered w/ fake blood
Black lacy bra
White boy shorts
Wellies (you know so I can step over dead bodies w/o getting dirty)

Light foundation
Regular eye shadows and gel eyeliners

Special Effects:
Toilet Paper
liquid latex

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