Tuesday, February 12, 2013

wining in virginia

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A few months ago we checked out a vineyard recommended by my caterer. Having visited both Napa and Sonoma I didn't have high hopes. Especially since the last time I went to a vineyard in VA it was pretty much a disappointment.

But I was pleasantly surprised by Paradise Springs. They had a great selection of wine, yummy snacks, a live band, and the interior was lovely. So an afternoon of wining and munching on baguette, cheeses, and cured meats ensued...which lead to the major cheesing in these pictures.

If you live in the DC metro area I highly recommend checking it out!


I rediscovered this ebay sweater (an alexander wang look a like from a few seasons ago) under my monstrous pile of knits and found it perfect for the semi warm weather--kinda re-falling in love w/ the one shoulder thing.

[wearing ebay sweater, h&m skirt, zara boots, michael kors bag]

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