Saturday, January 18, 2014

Oversized Shearling: Acne Velocite Rita Inspired

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Oversized Shearling - Acne Velocite Inspired

Oversized aviator shearling jackets have been on my radar for a while now ever seeing the last 2 seasons of Acne's Velocite and Rita jackts, but the price tag was pretty hefty. My jacket from Kiliwatch seen here semi satisfied my craving with the real shearling and slightly oversized fit. But I wanted more! So here I've compiled a list of almost exact copies of Acne's Velocite jacket even some REAL shearling options. The prices are all a fraction of the real thing ranging from $150-$250, but if you want to splurge on real shearling number 6 is less than half the price of the velocite. Enjoy!

1. Gray Aviator from Storets
2. Black & Gray from Ebay
3. Beige from Ebay
4. Black on Black from Yesstyle
5. Furry collar from Yesstyle
6. Real Shearling from Ebay
7. Moss Green with Gray from Yesstyle
8. Black and Gray from Yesstyle
9. Oversized Shearling from Minusey

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