Thursday, January 2, 2014

Travel Diary Thailand Markets

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The wonderful markets in Bangkok are not to be missed. Favorites were the Chatuchak Weekend Market (JJ Market) and Asiatique Night Market.

Chatuchak Weekend Market is a true site to behold with narrow winding mazes of vendors covered and uncovered. You can try using a map but my advise is just wander around and enjoy stumbling unto the most amazing food and trinkets. EVERYTHING is sold here, from underwear to orange juice. The prices here are lower than anywhere else in Thailand that I've seen. My most amazing find here though was orange juice! I know right orange juice? Well this wasn't juice from any orange, but a green skinned orange. It might actually be a variety of tangerine not available in the U.S. I first encountered this green tangerine in Taiwan over 10 years ago and have never loved a citrus fruit more, when I saw this fresh green fruit being juiced I rushed the stall for a bottle. Sean and company were not impressed, it's just orange juice they said. But after one refreshing sip they were all hooked.

jj market
weekend market

Asiatique is the somewhat replacement for the defunked Suan Lum Night Market Bazaar. It attracts both tourists and locals alike with a variety of food stalls and artisan vendors. Not to mention the ferris wheel. There are some truly unique items here to be bought, including chainmaille hand bags comprised of quarter sized metallic leather held together by delicate metal rings. And definitely try the grilled tiger shrimp here, simply amazing, the best I've had. And take a spin on the ferris wheel for incredible views of the river.

bangkok night market

We went here twice, once arriving from across the river on a life threatening long tail boat and once through more conventional method. From the city center of Bangkok it was impossible to find a taxi to drive us here directly. They all said it would take hours because it was rush hour in Bangkok's legendary traffic. So the next best route was to take the BTS to Saphan Taksin station then take a short 2 dollar boat ride to Asiatique down river. Finding our way back to Sukhumvit was not a problem at all, with a taxi stand right outside the market.


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