Monday, January 20, 2014

tea time at the greenhouse jefferson hotel

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asos dress
Having watched the characters of Downton Abbey, Upstairs Downstairs, and Cranford,ceaselessly gobbling scones and downing gallons of tea, I fancied myself a cup in town. I wanted a "proper" tea time with all the proper accoutrements. So off to The Greenhouse at the Jefferson hotel we went! The earl gray was the best I've had, the scones light and fluffy so unlike the ones I'm used to, and the cherry preserves to die for. And to boot I made Sean put on a proper suit so I could live out my British period drama fantasy!
tea time at the jefferson
asos dress
tea time
the greenhouse tea time

On the drive back we popped off the GW parkway to enjoy a stunning sunset over the Potomac. The perfect end to a fabulous afternoon tea.
shoemint romy

[wearing asos dress, shoemint romy shoes, kate spade clutch, forever21 necklace, vintage fur stole]

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  1. You look so glamorous!! Sounds like a wonderful time & I LOVE Downton Abbey too :)


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